Waterspout: The Movie

cover photoA few weeks ago now (I know, I’m terrible. I promise that I’ll fix the lackadaisical posting problem) I said that I might be posting some of my old radio sketches and segments. This sketch is part of what I like to call my ‘Movie Trailer Phase’. I love trailers. The best ones make you want to see a movie, and the worst ones make you want to see the movie even more. I love playing around with formats of media and presentation; taking something that is generally thought of as a visual medium and making it solely audio, for example. Making movie trailers, which are ostensibly a very visual thing and showing them in an audio medium is fun; taking the codes, conventions and clichés of one presentation style and trying to cram them all into a completely different style and hoping they still convey the same information.


This sketch was a part of a radio show that I co-hosted back in 2015 called Take That. The show was great fun, and quite frankly produced some of the best work that I’ve done in radio. Take That was myself and three of my best friends in the radio world, Phoebe O’Brien and Jess Pantou, along with the awesome Ash Qama as our producer, keeping us in line. As a team I couldn’t have asked for any better people to work with. We pushed each other to make good content.


Most of my sketches were based around news stories that I had read, and this is no different. Based around a report of a water tornado appearing at a beach in the US and knocking over a bouncing castle, I went and made this. I was lucky enough to be able to get a hold of a video of the incident, that was originally posted by Brandon Scott Burchett on Facebook and that’s the audio that you can hear in the sketch.


I’ll keep updating this more often, and upload a sketch or a piece of older work every couple of days. Keep on top of me if I forget.


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